How to set up for a Zoom lesson

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I have found that teaching remotely is very effective. When a student is set up well, I feel that the quality of the lesson is close to equal to an in person lesson. On the other hand, if the student is not set up well for the lesson, I don’t feel that they get the same quality lesson as someone who has taken the time to set up. Here is what you need to have a high quality remote lesson:

-Use a computer that is not a Chromebook. Chromebooks do not support Zoom as well as a PC or Mac. iPads don’t have the same options for audio set up so they are also not ideal, and as far as I know you can’t connect a microphone to an iPad. (See note below re mic.)

-Set up your lesson in the space in your house that is closest to the router. If that’s not a quiet space, I find that often the floor above or below the router is also good. You can use this website to test the speed of the internet in the room your lesson is in:¬†

-Place the computer on top of a table and maybe a stack of books to get it at the correct height for the size of the student.

-TUNE your violin to a tuner before the lesson. Rosin your bow.

-Be sure you have all music, pencil, metronome, etc ready. Place music on a MUSIC STAND. Do not prop it up on something else. If you don’t have a stand, you need to buy one.

-An external microphone attached to the computer makes a HUGE difference in my ability to hear the student and give accurate feedback. You’re paying a lot for lessons. Invest in a microphone if at all possible!

-Sign in a few minutes early and wait in the “waiting room” so I know you are ready for your lesson.

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