Shinichi Suzuki realized that every child learns to speak their native language in the first few years of their life by listening to and imitating their mother’s voice. He devised a method to teach music to young children in the same way that we learn language.

Suzuki teachers believe that all children are talented. We believe that it is environment, not genetic background, which determines the success or failure of a student.

The “Suzuki triangle” is the parent, teacher and child, all working together. The parent comes to each lesson and takes notes, so that she can work on the same things each day in practice with her child. The parent is essentially the home teacher six days a week. The students come together once a week for group class, where they have the benefit of seeing their peers working on the same things that they have been working on. In group class we play games where the kids begin to learn the skills of working together to play as one, follow a leader, and become leaders themselves. Group class is also a place where children become comfortable with a “solo” performance.

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