Studio Policies

JP Suzuki Studio – Studio Policies 2020-2021 with COVID-19 updates

-At this point (August 2020) I plan to teach in person lessons outside in the yard to students who would like to come, as long as weather permits. Zoom lessons are available to anyone who prefers them. This plan is subject to change!

-Everyone must wear a mask when entering the yard, and during lessons unless we discuss otherwise. Everyone should wash hands or sanitize hands when entering the yard. Please wait at a distance while the previous lesson ends. Lessons will end a few minutes early to give time for safe transition.

-Students are not permitted to climb on the play structure, play in the sandbox, swing on swings, or touch any toys that may be left out.

-During the pandemic the bathroom will not be available. Please use the bathroom before your lesson. If the student needs the bathroom during a lesson, we will end the lesson at that time and no make-up will be provided.

-If anyone in your household has any symptoms of illness, PLEASE STAY HOME and text me so we can move to a Zoom lesson that day. Any student or family member who is exhibiting any signs of illness at the lesson will be sent home.

-Until the Pandemic is over, I’d strongly prefer that siblings didn’t attend the lessons. If this means the parent can not attend, I will take notes for the child.

-Tuition for the semester is due by the first lesson of each semester. Tuition will increase yearly.

– There are two semesters in the academic year: Fall and Spring. Each semester includes 14 private lessons, 9  group classes and one concert. Tuition also includes a Parent Lecture and Masterclass with guest teachers.

-Students are expected to come to all lessons and group classes.

-There are no make up lessons for student absences. Please do not ask for a make up lesson. When you pay for the semester, you are reserving my time each week. If you know you will not be able to get to a lesson, you can try switching times with another student who has the same length lesson. Please be sure to let me know if you make a switch, or if you cannot make it to your lesson. Zoom lessons can be given if you know you will be away.

-There are no make-ups for missed group classes.

-If I cancel lessons for any reason I will make them up.

-If weather prevents us from having an in-person lesson, Zoom lessons will be offered. There will be no make up guaranteed for group classes missed because of weather.

-Summer lessons are scheduled according to your schedule and mine. Many students are away in the summer, and I am usually away a lot as well. At the end of the Spring semester I make a summer schedule that may be different each week depending on everyone’s schedules. July and August lessons are usually over Zoom.

-Email or text messages are the best way to contact me. Please email me to set up a conference about sensitive issues rather than discuss in front of your child.

-Please do not buy a violin without bringing it to me first. In most cases, the most cost effective way to get a violin is to rent from Johnson Strings.